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  • Jonas B. Stockfleth

Goats in battle and other things for Bleacher Report

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It's a real joy when we get asked to work with Bleacher Report (@brfootball), the concepts we shoot are guaranteed to be slightly crazy! Earlier in the year, to commemorate Lionel Messi's 700th career goal, we were tasked with creating a portrait of Messi's face made up of 700 footballs laid out in his natural habitat: the football pitch. The drone footage captured the footballs in all their glory and while the shoot didn't come without its many challenges, the weather being one of them, the film came together beautifully in just under two days!

More recently, in September, BR came with us not with one but two exciting projects to work on. The first film saw us head to Kentish Town city farm, to meet Mel and her extremely talented Goats. What does this have to do with football you ask? Well, all football fanatics have an unsettled debate between who is the real GOAT (greatest of all time), Ronaldo or Messi, so we thought why not leave it down to the goats to determine the real winner. A goat race, two goats, one race track, and only room for one official goat. How does one get two goats with a single braincell between them to navigate a race track? Food. We're pretty sure the goats consumed a week's worth of food that day on set. Alas, it was decided that the GOAT below to find out!

To coincide with this, we produced a mockumentary to celebrate the unofficial Messi and Ronaldo day 10/7. This one is dedicated to their online fanatics - extreme football fan @cristianology heads to his online nemesis @cliniclmessi's house to fight out their online twitter beef. By the end of the film, the two twitter 'trolls' find out even though they both may support different footballers they do both have a lot in common. A light hearted ending sending a message to online trolls to be more kind. See how it played out here.

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